Aircraft Services

Air Transport that you can count on

Many patients will fly on the Lear 35 jet, one of the most trusted air ambulance planes due to its long range, which allows for fewer fuel stops and less time in-transit. For shorter flights, we have access to cost-efficient turboprop aircraft, like the Beech King Air 90. Larger jets like the Gulfstream and others are available upon request.

For every flight we arrange, the medical aircraft selected will be pressurized and climate controlled so that patients and the loved ones who fly with them will have a smooth, comfortable ride. All air ambulance aircraft are configured with specialized equipment including:

  • Onboard stretcher system
  • Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillator
  • Ventilator
  • Oxygen
  • IV equipment
  • Suction units
  • Emergency & pain management medications
  • Intubation equipment
  • Chest decompression kits

Light Jet - Lear 35

Ideal for cross-country and international flights

Range: 2,000 miles (approx 4 hours non-stop)
Speed: 530 mph
Altitude: 45,000 feet
Cabin height: 4'3"
Passengers: 2

Turboprop - King Air

Cost-effective option for trips under 1,000 miles

Range: 1,000 miles (approx 3.5 hours non-stop)
Speed: 240 mph
Altitude: 30,000 feet
Cabin height: 4'9"
Passengers: 2