Did you know…

  • There are an average of 200 fixed-wing air ambulance flights every day
  • More than 6,000 medical aircraft takeoff each month…70% of flights don't have patients on board! (They're called "empty legs" and they can save you thousands of dollars.)
  • There are 513 air ambulance companies in the U.S. Only 63 are CAMTS accredited.
  • There are 1,237 U.S.-based air ambulance aircraft. When you call a provider, you only get rates for their aircraft. Brokers give you prices for a handful of planes. Air Ambulance World searches ALL available medical flights.
  • Nearly 150,000 Americans fly on a fixed-wing air ambulance flight each year
  • There are 7,123 hospitals in 23,122 cities in the United States, we can find you flights to any of them.
  • The first medevac transport took place in 1926, from Nicaragua to Panama