Finding a different way to travel the same distance

Our mission and values are part of us, guiding the way we interact with partners, providers, patients and each other. We live by them, we work by them, we measure our success by them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the go-to air ambulance search engine, where patients, their loved ones and case managers can immediately find the most affordable flights for the critically injured and sick in their time of need. We aim to bridge the gap between care and cost while keeping patient care at the highest priority.

Our Values


We give case managers a total solution they can visit for every patient transfer. We give patients and families precious more moments to be together, focused on each other.


We live outside the box. We look at situations from every possible angle. We gather, brainstorm and whiteboard. We celebrate ideas, contribution and synergy. And we do it all for air ambulance patients.


On their own, aviation and medicine are complex. Together, they're a tangle of terms and systems that can leave even the best of us confused and frustrated. That's the last thing any of us want, so we share our resources with patients and providers, and reinforce ongoing education for our team.


We took a complicated search process in a little-known industry and made it simple and understandable. Because that's how it should be.


We talk a lot about low prices and simple processes, but people are the reason we're here. And even though medflights are our business, we're not just moving people - we're connecting them. Connecting them with their best shot at recovery, with treatment they can't get anywhere else, and with their families, for a few last moments and memories surrounded by those they love.