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Whether you’re a case manager who needs to transfer a patient or you have a loved one in need of air ambulance transport, we will provide the highest quality air medical service at the best possible rates.

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Transfer Center specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to arrange your bed-to-bed medical transport and give you complete peace of mind.

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Learn how we bring you the best value in fixed-wing air ambulance.

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Personal Care

Highest quality air medical service at the best possible rates.

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Why should I fly with Air Ambulance World?

Air Ambulance World arranges medical transfers focused on care, comfort and cost. Getting you or your loved ones home safely is our top priority. Beyond the flight, we provide complete insurance services, including pre-approvals, claims submissions and appeals so that you won't have to worry about confusing paperwork or drawn-out claims.

We’ll take the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on you or your loved one getting better.

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How it works?

1. Fill out your details or give us a call - 888.238.1428

2. We will be available immediately to discuss options

3. Your trip will be coordinated by a flight expert

4. You or your loved ones touch down safely.

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Many patients will fly on the Lear 35 jet, one of the most trusted air ambulance planes due to its long range, which allows for fewer fuel stops and less time in-transit. For shorter flights, we have access to cost-efficient turboprop aircraft, like the Beech King Air 90. Larger jets like the Gulfstream and others are available upon request.

For every flight we arrange, the medical aircraft selected will be pressurized and climate controlled so that patients and the loved ones who fly with them will have a smooth, comfortable ride.

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Professional team, personal care

You want to know that professionals at the tops of their field are taking care of your patient or loved one, and with us you can be sure they're getting the best care. Air medical teams have been trained in flight physiology (they understand how flight affects the body) and consist of:

  • Critical Care Flight Nurses
  • Critical Care Flight Paramedics
  • Emergency Physicians
  • Other specialty team members as required by the patient's condition

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All-inclusive medical flights

Every medical flight you book here is a complete bed-to-bed transport onboard an aircraft that is equipped like a hospital ICU, including a stretcher bed, medical equipment, medications and a critical care medical team.

By "bed-to-bed" we mean that your patient or family member will be monitored and cared for by a team of elite flight nurses and medics from their bedside at the facility they're leaving, in the ground ambulance to the airport, throughout the flight, all the way to their new destination.

We understand the importance of family support during this process, and allow loved ones to fly with the patient at no charge.


Flights can be life altering, but we don't think they should be financially devastating.

If the patient has insurance, we have the resources to verify benefits and possibly pre-authorize the flight, which could dramatically reduce up-front costs. Call us - we can help demystify your insurance and make things crystal clear so you know what to expect before your flight even takes place.

Even if the patient doesn't have insurance, you're still in the right spot. While most companies use their own limited networks, we have the ability to search every available aircraft across the U.S. and worldwide.

Case Managers

Save your patients thousands by booking the smart way. Allow us to help plan your long-distance transportation.

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