Most common questions about medical flights

How much does an air ambulance cost?

Because so many factors determine the cost of a flight - distance flown, type of plane used, the medical needs of the patient, fuel prices, ground transport used, airport and customs fees - the price can vary greatly. A short flight in a twin engine plane could cost less than $8,000, while a cross-country medevac in a long-range jet may cost more than $50,000. Don't let the numbers worry you, though. Air Ambulance World makes quality air medical transport affordable, and with our innovative business model, we find you rates that are up to 40% less.

Will my insurance cover a medical flight?

Air ambulance flights can be covered by insurance, but every flight and every policy are different. Give us a call at 888.238.1428 and we'll contact the insurance company to see if there are air ambulance benefits for your particular situation.

What's an empty leg?

An empty leg is when a plane flies without passengers. Generally, the cost of this empty leg is built into the trip cost and passed on to the patient. However, if another patient is found close to where the aircraft landed, the flights can be "piggy-backed" and costs can be reduced. At Air Ambulance World, we're empty leg specialists. We check your flight request against a huge empty-leg flight inventory, and if your flight matches an available empty leg, you'll save up to 40%.

Can a family member fly with me on a medical flight?

Certainly. We understand that family support is important and we encourage loved ones to come along, as long as the patient's condition and aircraft cabin space permits. For no additional charge, one or two family members can fly with the patient.

What is an air ambulance plane like?

An air ambulance is like a flying intensive care unit. Inside, the plane has been specially configured with a stretcher, monitoring equipment, defibrillators, IV pumps, oxygen, medications and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) equipment. Air ambulance flights are staffed with medical personnel that are specially trained to provide care at altitude. The plane itself is a multi-engine (usually jet or turboprop) aircraft, pressurized for the patient's safety and comfort.

How do I arrange a medical flight?

It's simple. All you have to do is call at 888.238.1428 and tell us which of your quotes you'd like to select, then we'll connect you with that provider and they'll take care of all the details.