Air Ambulance Services

The most important flight you'll ever book

Air Ambulance World is dedicated to helping case managers, social workers, patients and family members easily find the most cost-effective medical flights. We link you with a trusted provider who put all the pieces of a complete air ambulance transfer together so that families can spend time with their loved ones and case managers can focus on patient care.

  • Bed-to-bed care
  • The highest level of service
  • No hidden costs
  • Emergency and non-emergency medflights
  • Domestic & international service
  • A caring flight experience

Whatever type of air medical transport you're searching for, Air Ambulance World can accommodate it. Call 24/7 888.238.1428.

All-inclusive medical flights

Every medical flight you book here is a complete bed-to-bed transport onboard an aircraft that is equipped like a hospital ICU, including a stretcher bed, medical equipment, medications and a critical care medical team.

By "bed-to-bed" we mean that your patient or family member will be monitored and cared for by a team of elite flight nurses and medics from their bedside at the facility they're leaving, in the ground ambulance to the airport, throughout the flight, all the way to their new destination.

We understand the importance of family support during this process, and allow loved ones to fly with the patient at no charge.

Medical equipment

Air ambulance aircraft are outfitted with equipment and technologies to provide care for even the most critical patients. All medical planes have specialty equipment onboard including:

  • Stretcher bed for comfort and safety
  • Oxygen
  • IV infusion pumps
  • Cardiac monitor-defibrillator
  • Ventilator
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) & emergency medications
  • Specialized equipment and medications tailored to each patient's needs

Professional team, personal care

You want to know that professionals at the tops of their field are taking care of your patient or loved one, and with us you can be sure they're getting the best care. Air medical teams have been trained in flight physiology (they understand how flight affects the body) and consist of:

  • Critical Care Flight Nurses
  • Critical Care Flight Paramedics
  • Emergency Physicians
  • Other specialty team members as required by the patient's condition