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We know that in patient care, situations can change by the second, and that's where our adaptability makes us so valuable.

Have a neuro patient ready for discharge? No problem. Wondering how to get a vented patient to a rehabilitation facility cross-country? We can help.

We have the resources to accommodate pediatric, adult and NICU patients both in and outside of the U.S.

With our extensive air ambulance network, round-the-clock availability and bilingual coordinators, we are prepared to handle whatever special circumstances your patient transfer requires.

When you choose Air Ambulance World, you get:

  • Complete bed-to-bed air medical transfers
  • Ground transportation on both ends
  • Receiving facility arrangements
  • Insurance preauthorizations & claims management
  • Direct communication with family members
  • Updates to sending and receiving medical teams

Whether it's an emergency flight, interfacility transfer or international medevac, you can count on us to make your job easier and get your patients safely where they need to go.


Every detail, start to finish

Knowing how to preauthorize a medical flight can mean the difference in the patient getting the flight they need - or not. We use our resources to make sure that the best company is taking care of their insurance needs. With the right people handling preauthorization, prices can be reduced, paid in full or take place with no up-front costs from the patient.